What We Offer

We are domestic burglar and intruder alarm specialists

  • Call outs - Call outs to almost every make and model of wired intruder alarm system.
  • Servicing - Servicing of almost every make and model of wired burglar alarm system.
  • Repairs - Repairs to almost every make and model of wired security alarm system.
  • Upgrades - Upgrade your old wired domestic alarm system for a more modern system.
  • Maintenance contracts - One year cover for parts and labour for your existing home alarm system.
  • Monitoring - Low cost phone monitoring - No monthly fee. Up to four phone numbers of your choice, either landline or mobile. An alert that informs you with a pre-recorded message in the event of your alarm being activated.
  • Pet friendly alarms - Set the house alarm with your pet or pets in your home.
  • Key fob operated alarms - Key fob goes on your key ring or in your handbag ect allowing you to set/unset the alarm system.
  • Contacts for doors and windows - Detects if they are opened when the alarm is on.
  • Vibration detectors - Detects if an intruder is trying to get in through a door or window.
  • Alarming of garages and conservatories.
  • Smoke, heat, rate of rise or carbon monoxide detectors - Linked to the alarm system.
  • Panic buttons - Active 24 hours a day. Pressed in the event of an emergency. Situated anywhere in the property that you require one.


PIR Sensor


Normal PIR (passive infared) sensor for all normal indoor domestic use.

Dual Tech Sensor


Designed for hostile enviorments IE garages and conservatories.

Pet Tolerant Sensor


Pet Sensor allowing you to set the alarm with either your cat or dog in the house.

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